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Duke Artiq eXtenstions DAX

DAX is a library that extends the capabilities of ARTIQ while maintaining a vanilla ARTIQ experience. This project was initially created as a framework to develop modular control software for ARTIQ-based quantum control systems. As the project evolved, additional components and utilities were added to the repository. Users can implement modular control software for their ARTIQ projects using the DAX framework or use other components and utilities provided by DAX in existing projects.

Quantum Error Correction


The msim framework was developed and shared as part of a research project exploring the coherence in the logical channel of 2D compass codes. The project was used in this research arXiv:2405.09287

The package contains the following features:

  • implementation of a Majorana mode-based quantum error correction simulator by Bravyi, Engelbrecht, Konig, and Peard (arXiv:1710.02270 , npj Quantum Inf 4, 55 (2018) )for the rotated surface code
  • generalization of the Majorana mode simulator to 2D compass codes
  • generator coefficeint framework forCSS codes with k=1, d odd and even weight stabilizer groups