Public Lectures

Quantum Computation Primer

Kenneth Brown, Duke Science and Society 2018


Quantum Error Correction

Kenneth Brown, RQS Summer School 2023


Quantum Chemistry Algorithms

Kenneth Brown, ISCA2018, EPiQC Collaboration


Fighting Hamiltonians with Hamiltonians

Kenneth Brown, QEC14

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Technical Presentations

Erasure Conversion in Trapped Ions

Mingyu KangQEC 2023


Quantum Error Correction and Machine Noise

Kenneth Brown, QISKIT Seminar 2023


Future Quantum Hardware

Kenneth Brown, ISCA 2022


Compass Codes: Theory and Practice

Kenneth Brown, FTQT 2020


Stabilizer Slicing: Coherent Error Cancellations in LDPC Codes

Dripto Debroy, QEC 2019 

Based on Debroy et al. PRL 2018


Conditions for Fault Tolerance in the Presence of Leakage

Natalie Brown, QEC 2019 

Based on Brown and Brown PRA 2018, Brown, Newman, and Brown 2019, Brown and Brown PRA 2019


Error Reduction, Fault Tolerance, and Scalability

Kenneth Brown, TQC 2019


Reducing Errors in Near‐Term Quantum Computers

Kenneth Brown, ThinkQ IBM 2017


Quantum Computing for Science

Kenneth Brown, Nano@Tech 2017

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Error Correction and Architectures for the Simulation of Quantum Materials on a Quantum Computer

Kenneth Brown, Microsoft Research 2012 

(start at 1:21:30.  Watch Sabre Kais and Peter Love give the first two talks).